Customer Service Policies

customer service policies

For Monthly Flower Club

Flower Club members receive an email reminder prior to their deliveries. If your delivery has not arrived as scheduled, please reach out to and let us know!

You may also email to change or cancel an upcoming delivery if needed, or to modify your membership in any way!

In the event that extremely inclement weather prevents us from delivering, we will deliver on our soonest available date and you will be notified via email.

For One-time Deliveries:

Our weekly flowers are designed using the freshest blooms available with an emphasis on seasonal availability. You can see many examples on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have specific flower or color requests, please include them in your order and we will do our best to accommodate! Allergy requests will always be accommodated.

If your recipient is not at home, we will leave contact information and re-deliver at our next available time. After one week of attempts, we will refund you for the purchase. We deliver year-round unless inclement weather prevents our staff from safely doing so; in the event this occurs you will be notified and your delivery sent at our earliest available time unless you request a refund instead.

For Benefit Fundraisers:

How do I become a partner? What types of partners does lilly lane support? 

We choose up to 10 nonprofit organizations or events each year to design a custom, three-month HOME subscription valued at $150. 20% ($30!) of each package sold will be donated directly back to the nonprofit! 

Interested nonprofits are encouraged to contact us early in the year to secure their three-date spots, as packages are limited around holidays. 

Nonprofits must be based in Indianapolis/surrounding areas and demonstrate service to the local community. They may be a private/membership based organization as long as they are open to all. There are no requirements for area of focus, but must be nondiscriminatory in nature. 

For Weddings and Events

Wedding clients should refer to their contracts for the answers to many common questions including changing orders, due dates, cancellation and postponement policies, and more. Please feel free to email with your specific questions!